Frequently asked questions

What is EAST?

EAST.Finance is a cross-chain overcollateralized DeFi protocol built on SafeFi principles — safety, availability, and predictability — which are implemented as EAST key features: overcollateralization with liquid assets, partial liquidation and native staking.

How to use EAST?

We’ve made a video to guide you through all the functions of EAST.Finance.

Why can I trust EAST?

EAST.Finance is based on SafeFi principles — it’s the new concept, which solves the problems of traditional DeFi, such as opaque, shady profit models, insecurity and inaccessibility of collaterals. If you are searching for new DeFi opportunities, but most of today’s solutions can’t convince you of their reliability, take a closer look at EAST.Finance.

How does EAST maintain its stability?

By default, EAST demands a rather big backing ratio to be issued. It varies depending on the collateral you choose — BTC, ETH, WAVES or WEST. That ensures initial overcollateralization. Also, to support EAST, we use transparent mechanisms of stability fee and vault liquidating. You can read more about them in the white paper.

What does “vault” mean?

A vault is an address where your collaterals (BTC/ETH/WAVES/WEST) are stored securely. You can return your crypto any time: just liquidate your vault, as shown in this video.

What is ORIENT?

ORIENT is an incentive token for users with active EAST vaults. The ORIENT emission is planned to last four years after the EAST launch; your share of total ORIENT emission is directly proportional to your share of total EAST debt. You can find more info in the white paper.

How can I earn with EAST?

EAST is deeply integrated in Waves ecosystem, so it offers various investing strategies:

  • Pool investments. EAST pairs are available for investment at WX Network. For example, you can mint EAST for WEST, invest both in the WEST/EAST pool, lock LP tokens and get even extra APR in WX.
  • Trading with leverage. For example, issue EAST for WAVES. Swap this EAST for more WAVES at the market. Take it back to the EAST protocol. Repeat to get a bigger leverage. After WAVES grows, return EAST to the protocol and unlock WAVES to get profit.
  • Short positions of EAST collateral. Mint EAST for one collateral and swap for another, which is going to dump. After the dump, buy it back for EAST, return your debt to the protocol and count your income!

We uncovered more details about earning with EAST during the AMA session in March 2023, check it out!